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15th International  Congress on Culture, Tourism and Civilization

October 18-20, 2024

Bitlis Eren University


In person & Virtual

​The main findings of the congress will be published in Proceedings Book.

The congress is designed to allow maximum interaction among participants to facilitate the exchange of experiences from their respective countries.



Congress is open to all  topics of toruism, culture and civilization

Sessions will be disciplinary


Important Dates

Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: September 20, 2024

​​Announcement Date of the Congress Program: October 5, 2024

​​Deadline for Submission of Full Papers: October 20, 3034 (full text submission is not mandatory)

​Publication Date of Congress BookNovember 5, 2024


- You must apply to our congress by sending an abstract.

- Please send your abstract to until September 20, 2024 as doc/word format. Your abstracts must be in the 300-400 word range.

- Abstract evalution process is about 3 days. If your paper is accepted by referees, we send you an acceptance mail

- After receiving acceptance could you please inform us about your participation form (in person or online) via email

- Conference program announcement day is October 5, 2024. Program will be announced at our web page. You can find zoom ID and password in program.

- Full text submission is not mandatory. However if you want to publish full text please send your paper to until October 20, 2024 as word/doc format.  Full text should be at least 5 pages and APA style source format should be used. 


It is mandatory to include ORCID NO, mobile phone number, and an English abstract into your abstract.


For Abstract and Full TextTemplate PLEASE CLICK




Abstract/ Full Text Guidelines

- Times New Roman, 12 pt. (Article title, names of authors, institutions, e-mail addresses, abstract and all keywords should be in 12 pt. For parts such as graphics, tables, the author's font size can be determined by the author in the most appropriate way)

- Give the line spacing 1.25

- Do not indent at the beginning of the paragraph from the left.

- MAIN titles should be written in CAPITAL letters and bold

- Your full texts must be at least 5 pages.

- SUMMARY, INTRODUCTION, RESEARCH AND FINDINGS, CONCLUSION and REFERENCES sections should be shown under separate headings in your full texts.


​Send your questions and suggestions about the congress to the email address

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